The beginning of 2009, I was led to study the Bible in a new way (to me). I have been writing down the Scriptures (starting at the Genesis 1), Word for Word, and studying as the Lord leads and time allows. This has been such a MAJOR blessing to me! God has revealed so many new, interesting and exciting things from His Word, that I always want to share. I haven't had time to blog, sooo ... I am going to attempt to marry blogging with my morning study. I hope I can, in some way, impart my blessings to you.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exodus 20:13 ~ You Shall NOT Kill (Murder)

I love this graphic ... it totally conveys the message that I get from God's Sixth Commandment to Moses. It is crude and dark and stained; the hand looks violent, hateful, and purposed. The hand is drawn on thick leather (animal hide,) which is appropriate. The white stenciled letters(all CAPS, of course)Boldhave a been sprayed on, by a stronger hand, with paint that covers everything under it, with white. I think of the precious atoning Blood of our Lord Jesus that covers our sins and makes them "white as snow."

The choice of old wood to display this message touches me. The leather has been screwed onto the wood (with new/modern brass screws) which so reminds me of our Savior. The wood has been nailed onto something else (a white wall?) with rusty old flat-headed nails.

This sign's strong message was obviously meant for all to see! Wow! I believe this piece must be divinely inspired. The message is as simple and clear as the X marked OVER the knife!
DO NOT KILL ... many translations say ... DO NOT MURDER

Well, this 6th Commandment seems like a no-brainer ... but, as usual, once we step into the Living Water, it is much deeper than expected. We have already waded in and are about to enter the deep Water How exciting!

Exodus 20:13 ~ You shall not kill.

As stated in Dake's Bible: "This law does not prohibit killing as punishment for crimes, or killing in war, which God Himself commanded these same people to do. But it does prohibit killing for malice, and premeditative and willful destruction of man who was made in the image of God (Gen 9:6). All violence (Ex 21:12), stratagem (Ex 26:14), assault and battery (Ex 21:18), hatred and anger (Lev 19:14,17), and danger to human life in general was forbidden (Dt 22:8)."

Jon Courson points out that "there are two Greek words used for 'anger' in the New Testament. One is thumus and refers to the anger one feels, that causes his veins to bulge and his face to get red. The word used here, however, is orgizo, a word that refers to the anger that smolders internally day after week after month after year. The person who harbors this kind of anger without a cause" ... is a "murderer."

Whoa! We just "stepped" right into a really deep spot in the Water!

Note to self: further digging here is bound to yield more treasure.

There are a lot of issues that could be covered here. But I want to leave the message to each one of you just as you receive it ... pure and straight from the Word of God.

I just would like to share a few up-close encounters with killing that have deeply affected me. I am sure that many of you have had way much worse, tragic personal experiences, but I can only speak from my own experiences.

Taking a life from any one of God's creatures is repugnant to me, just by nature. It actually makes me sick to my stomach ... except for flies (sorry). For the most part, I have gotten over that with ants, black widows and other vermin in my house. I know that these things must die so they don't hurt me or one of my loved ones ... I still avoid it, whenever possible... and always apologize (though I know that doesn't really help).

Mice are especially hard for me ... and gophers ... I blame Disney for making them appear so cute and lovable ... hrmph! When gophers destroyed my entire garden one year ... it was "on' ... NO problem! No problem with rattlesnakes either ... they obviously MUST go! The 6 ft garter (?) snake gets to stay, she doesn't hurt anyone. I CANNOT allow mice to be in my house because they are filthy. Yet, I still cannot directly kill them, myself.

My apologies to all of you vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians .... I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I have no problem with eating meat or plants, wearing, standing or sitting on leather, or with anyone who kills animals for food, housing, clothing, etc. As long as they make use of all of the animal as possible.... to leave waste from taking a life makes me sick as well. Ideally, I would actually raise my own food, meat and veggies .... so much healthier and kinder to the animals. BUT ... I, personally, cannot be the one to do the killing ... veggies yes; not the animals!

My first experience with killing one of my chickens ... showed me that I was definitely not called to be a butcher! Long-story-short: I just held her, while someone else wielded the axe ... oh my gosh ... that was the worst thing I have ever felt in my entire life! I never want to feel that again! I drove blocks away while a hog on my property was being shot! I came back when it was over and helped butcher him, no problem. It is the actually taking of the life that is most sickening.

God saysBold He put His laws into our mind and wrote them in our hearts (Heb 8:10). I so believe that! We were not created to die or to kill. Nothing was killed in Eden until the fall of man! Nasty business, no matter how you look at it!

OK, I also have no issues with euthanasia for animals. I have seen it to be merciful relief. However, the process of making the decision is absolutely gut-wrenching-torture. Even if the quality of the animal's life will be severely affected, or recovery cannot be guaranteed, it is never an easy decision. We surely can't let our companions endure pain or infirmity. Though it feels like murder; it is often the kindest thing to do.

We can't help but feel that it should not be our choice whether something, or someone, lives or dies. Though it is "hard duty," I do now consider it to be an honor to be allowed to be with someone (-thing) when God takes their life ... a birth into eternity is an extremely special and holy time ... totally different.

Making the decision to put my best horse down was the worst thing I had ever had to do. Until I was with a best friend and his wife, when she had to make the decision to unplug his life support. Both of these experiences transcended words and both changed my life. There was an astounding sense of true peace and beauty during those moments, our Awesome God was SOOOO close ... Of course it was also very very sad. ... for us. I know that God, in His infinite wisdom, used the first circumstance to prepare me for the second. Bless His heart! He is so faithful and merciful!

Unfortunately, often, killing is not for mercy's sake and not at all peaceful nor "beautiful." It is not in God's "time" nor "season," but the result of a corrupt life. A willful and premeditated act is exactly what God warns against here! The ultimate disrespect for the only creation that God made in His own image!

Our Faithful God's Word is real and literal and alive ..."Every thing is beautiful ... in His time." (Ecclesiastes 3:11) "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born and a time to die .... a time to kill (not murder) ... a time for peace and a time for war... it is TRUE...

However, MURDER is one of those things that, by its very nature, is out of "His time" ... the beauty in God's perfect time is perfect and does not involve malice, anger, rage nor seething passion. The useless loss of life from political and ideological wars is sickening ... but in defense of your own country or family, an honor.

When a baby is torn from its womb, piece by piece, it is ugly and sickening, but when taken home by its loving Father, after its purpose on earth is accomplished (bringing with it saved souls) ... it is beautiful.

A useless killing, born of hatred and/or wrath is one thing.... a killing of a convicted murderer, serial killer, rapist, or child predator is another. The choice involved with taking a human life is so involved and so difficult. Never taken to be taken lightly ... life support, treatment vs no treatment, euthanasia, pregnancy "termination," capitol punishment, war.

Oh yes ... PS: Just in case we think we are "guiltless" on this commandment .... Jesus said, "Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer..." (1John 3:15) We must be reconciled to our brothers!


Add your own thoughts.

Dear Father, thank You SO much for Your Living Word!
Thank You for the boundaries that You set for our good.
Forgive us Lord for any hate that

we may harbor in our hearts.
Please help us to forgive, as Christ forgives us.
Please also impress on us the sanctity of of the lives
that You created in Your own image!
Thank You Lord for Your mercy and your grace towards us.
We love You.

I am blessed every day with some new revelation of God's Word.
I will be sharing my measure of manna with all who come to my "tent.
Please, let me know if you have been blessed by the way it was prepared for you this day.